700 students "Had a Go" At Nail Art... Not one model hurt!

Essential Nails put the Nail Trainer to the test at the WorldSkills in London. 700 of the 200,000 visitors to the show had a chance of creating a nail art design from scratch.
Watching a lesson taught on screen by international nail champion Kirsty Meakin (LOLNailCourses.com), and copying what they saw on the Nail Trainer practice hand, students quickly got to grips with some basic nail art techniques to create the "black beauty bindi" design.

"The great thing was that I could take the finished nail home with me" said participant Emma Johnson, "the nails just unclip from the Nail Trainer....it's so cool".

Participants also had a chance to win one of the amazing Kirsty Meakin Las Vegas Nail Art Courses, and the winners are listed below:

Wednesday: Jessica Miranda
from St Mary's RC School.

Thursday: Natalia Granelli from Kingston College.

Friday: Hayley Thompson from Sparsholt Andover College.

Saturday: Ruthanne Fasanya from Grey Coat Hospital.

If your name is here, please call 01440 820 999 and quote your ticket code to claim your prize.

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